Fastlane Studios opened in 1988 at 1860 Flatbush Avenue in a space which had been a studio since the early 1970s.
It quickly became the home for many of Brooklyn’s up-and-coming artists.Among these were Biohazard, Life of Agony,
Marauder, and later, Type O Negative.

We quickly understood that in a place as diverse as Brooklyn, no studio could survive catering to one style
of music. This is why you will find the best selection of gear in the borough at Fastlane. We are very proud of the many
different guitar amps, bass amps, kick drum pedals and snare drums we have to choose from. Recently, we have undergone a sonic and visual facelift reflecting 25 years of research into what makes a studio sound great. So, if you are looking for
a studio with great acoustics, superior gear, and artist-friendly service, come check out Fastlane Studios.


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