Studio Pricing

Studio Red
Studio Green
Studio Blue
Studio Yellow

  • Fits an 8 Piece Band

$27/ hr


  • Fits a 6 Piece Band

$25/ hr


  • Fits a 4 Piece Band

$21/ hr


  • Fits a 5 Piece Band

$23/ hr


Equipment Rentals

Additional Charges

Guitar Strings- $2.00

New Drum Sticks- $5.00

CD Recordings- $1.00
*One copy- $1.00
*Three copies- $3.00

9v Battery- $3.00

4 AAA Batteries- $5.00

Rental Fees

Guitar or Bass rental- $5.00

China Cymbal- $5.00


Deposit Fees for Additional Items

Guitar Strap- $10.00

Guitar Stand- $10.00

Conga Tuning Key- $10.00

Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedals- $10.00

Form of Picture I.D. (Preferably a state license)

Note: All money &/or I.D.s will be given back upon the return of equipment to the front desk.